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Elevate, Activate, and Regenerate 

Live well, simply.
Choose the patch that fits your wellness need.














An Independent LifeWave Distributor


                    Youth Renewal

Redefine aging with our innovative product technology, which activates stem cells.



Harness the power of light to increase your energy and endurance during your fitness routine.



Improve your sleep quality and quantity naturally without sedatives or next-day grogginess.



Elevate your performance metrics on a cellular level.


                    Fast Relief

Get quick relief from minor aches and pains.


Understanding the Science

Phototherapy harnesses the healing power of light by reflecting infrared light from your body. Phototherapy has been used worldwide for nearly a century to treat skin conditions and so much more.


Driven by innovation and proven by science, LifeWave products are backed by world-class independent clinical studies and protected by patents – all confirming the effectiveness of phototherapy and our unmatched wellness solutions. This means you get the most effective products available.


David Schmidt

Founder & CEO

David’s education and understanding of science, combined with his restless imagination, have created an insatiable desire to change the world. His experience in business and product development spans over 30 years and includes 90+ patents.


Throughout his career, David has been key in developing energy-production technology for both military and commercial applications. He was invited by the U.S. Navy to be a part of an elite research team tasked with developing a product to help mini-sub crews stay awake without drugs or stimulants.


Through this extensive research, David developed a patch that would increase energy in the body using phototherapy. This would become the first LifeWave prototype: Energy Enhancer.


Now, his mission is to improve health and extend lives throughout the world with this innovative wearable health technology.


For more information on enrollment and to purchase patches, please visit

To receive a complimentary, no-obligation LifeWave consultation (a retail value of $180), please email me.

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